How could i earn 1000$ per month from 80$ using Clickbank

One of my friends have several blog. Clickbank bring him more than $ 500, so i following him began to write a blog, this month i also registried CB and put it on my blog, through an article[URL=“”] i have earned $ 80, the method to write an article and built links also came from my friend, but i think this is poor.
if i could earn $1000, will be satisfied. but i don’t know how to do, is there anybody have good advise make CB earn more $?

Thanks! I knew what should i do, now i’am using SEO to optimize my articles, i hope my article could appear on the front page of google, may be this could help me improve my sale. I also find adsense banners did no effect, no one use it, i will remove it. Hope this month i could do better.

You have to use SEO to generate more traffics about your product. Make articles, got to answer sites and Video Marketing.

Its great that you’re earning from Clickbank. You can earn a lot more with clickbank by creating a email list, using video marketing, and answer sites. I also recommend using article directories to rank faster, higher, and to funnel traffic to your site.

The extra traffic you receive will help you build a list. Once you have a nice size list feed them drips of valuable information. After a while you can sell various products that relate to them.

Good luck,

I use AdSense and Amazon but haven’t used CB. I wonder if it is harder to convert than

what’s avg traffic/clicks/sales rato for CB ? For Amaozn I get around 5% clicks/sales.

Hi shenmanhui, You are earning $80 at least. That is a good starting. You can continue the methods that helped you to fetch 80 dollars. You can further depend on your good friend.I am also a click bank member. But so far I didn’t make a single dollar.

several methods.
Do you have a clear “above the fold” subscribe by email form? Use feedburner. Say something like “Subscribe to my feedburner to know when new Registry Cleaners are available and product updates”.
This gets you returning visitors. And each time you post they call get updated.Feedburner takes care of the email privacy and and anti-spam.

You might want to use a portion of that 80$ to advertise, like in business we spend to earn more> but then again for your products the Adwords would be highly competitive right now, you need to test. With Adwords you do not need to fork out money to try keywords and cost estimate.

I might have a 50$ adwords voucher somewhere. If you have not used adwords before you can use the voucher. I will pass one to you. It might help?

Facebook is also a good place to share. But don’t use their advertising feature.

Get some more backlinks for free (only works well for TLDs not subdomains)

I will wait for what others say to learn too. Good to see someone is asking more about CPA and Affiliate systems promotions.

Edit: I notice you place many banners on your site (Adsense) if you want to convert visitors for CPA do not distract them with 5c banners like Adsense. It is not worth it.