How to remove unknown 404 Pages from webmaster crawl errors

When I open crawl errors in crawl section of my webmaster tool, it show 14 not found pages. These pages are no where in my server. I have also redirected these to other pages, disallowed in robots.txt file but they continue showing up there. How can i remove this error from webmaster.

It’s possible that other sites are linking to those non-existent pages, but in my experience, it just takes a long time for them to disappear from GWT. I had a whole array of them on one site after it was hacked, and they kept appearing in GWT for weeks after they had been removed. In the end, I think I simply told Google to ignore them.

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Yes, There are few sites which are referring these links. But I want to remove this error from GWT. Is there any way or tool to fix this issue? What if I create blank pages for the same and upload on server but no referring link any where in the site?

It’s been several years since I had this problem and I can’t remember for sure what I did eventually to get rid of the issue. I think I simply used Google’s “Remove URL” facility. I remember it was a complete pain to do, because I had to enter each one individually and I had well over a hundred. It shouldn’t be too bad for fourteen.

I certainly wouldn’t go down the route of creating these pages just to stop Google complaining they don’t exist.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense.
When these are most difficult to get rid of, is when the links come from elsewhere, because it’s out of your control who links to your non-existent pages.
The correct way to deal with it is appropriate http headers. Use 301 “permanent redirect” for content that has been renamed, moved or consolidated to another existing page or equivalent content on the site where you would like those following the link to land. This will be more useful to visitors who come through that route and won’t destroy any valuable backlinks you may have.
For pages/content that have been removed altogther, or should never have been indexed at all, you can use the 410 “gone” header.
GWT should tell you where the link is coming from, so you can check out the source to see if it is a link of any value to you and your visitors before you snub it with 410.


Don’t be panic its not harmful your website. In certain period of time it automatically remove.

I Have the problem of 404 errors. there are too many pages which are 404 errors in google webmaster tools.
is it cause ranking of my site? and these 404 are those pages which i delete during website making in wordpress (Porto Theme). Let me know if any easy way to resolve.

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This is a problem I encountered recently and the 404s should not affect SEO. Below is a reply I received on Google’s webmaster forums:

It is completely normal for Googlebot to revisit previously known URLs even if there is no known internal path to them. Eventually they will stop being crawled if there is now way to find a path to them.

Thanks TechnoBear.

Click on the error URL, a tab will appear from where the url is linked from. Just unlink the url from the source and mark the error as FIXED. It’ll be removed. If you got success to find the source linked it’ll be a success in removing these errors.

confuse, i tried different ways. these are deleted pages, which i have deleted.give me proper guidance please.

If those pages are not linked from elsewhere, they should simply disappear from GWT over time. As suggested already in this thread, you can use the “Remove URL” facility to help speed up this process.

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