How to remove this image artifact?

Hi there folks!


I’ve got a question. I created a logo for my site and for someone that has absolutely no talent in this arena, I got pretty much what I was hoping for. The only thing I’m having a problem with is the artifact at both the top and bottom of the image. I’m not sure how to clean that up. It’s a transparent background and I worked on a white background as I heard it needed to be similar to what would be it’s final resting place. In spite of that, I still have those two not-pretty spots.

What’s very odd is I can’t even see it in my editor (PSP - Poor Schmuck’s Photoshop). I’ve tried eraser, smudge, pretty much every tool down the list, but each attempt only makes it works.

Could someone clue me in on the method of fixing this issue? I’d be very appreciative.

Thanks for your time!

Could you post a screen shot of what you are seeing? I don’t see a problem in my browser. What browser/system are you using?

Hi there and thanks very much for your help!

Here’s what I’m seeing. I see it in IE, FF and Chrome in both linux and Win.

I should have clarified what I was speaking about, but the two spots I’m referencing are at 12 and 6 o clock on the button. It seems to blend poorly at those two points.

Ah, I see. In my limited experience, it’s better to work on the original version (at large size) rather than try to edit the small version. What does the original look like?

Hi there again.

Here’s the larger version, both in it’s original PSP format as well as it’s original conversion to png:

I tried Photoshop, and it was better, but not perfect. So I tried Fireworks, and it seemed to do better.

That looks much nicer than what I was ending up with. Can I ask what steps were required to resolve the issue? I’m not sure if PSP is even capable of what you did, but I’m curious if I tried it with the wrong settings.

Thank you so much for your help!

Probably not. Each program has different capabilities for saving images for the web. I wasn’t even happy with Photoshop’s result. Only Fireworks did a decent result. Perhaps GIMP would do a good job, too, but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s free, though. :slight_smile:

I do use it on the linux side, but was very unhappy with the result I was getting. Not that it was the program’s fault, but I wasn’t working any magic with it :smile:

Do you mean GIMP? That’s a shame. Many people extol Fireworks as the best web image tool, so it’s a shame that Adobe has decided to knife it. Hopefully Ps will snaffle its capabilities.

I do mean The GIMP. I haven’t had Fireworks since it was branded as Macromedia. Once it gets absorbed by Adobe, I usually can’t afford it any longer :smiley:

FireWorks did seem to do a better job for this type of things withou but the truth is that Photoshop can do it too. I can tell you what I do in this type of situations but I use Photoshop.

I would still love to hear it, as there are cases in which tools have kissing cousins in the other apps. Maybe it’s something I can work on in PSP or GIMP.

The basic idea is to do a select the border of the picture, just 1 pixel , and make it semi-transparent so it doesn’t look jagged.

In Photoshop, you can use lots of ways for doing this although I simply do a selection of 1-2 px of the border and delete (again, varios way to do this)

Then I save it as PNG-24