How to reduce the jpeg picture file size?


I am finding it very hard to keep the file size of my jpeg images something between 20 - 30KB.

If you open <snip/> it is 19.0KB but if I open this file in photoshop and save it as jpeg with “Medium” quality its size becomes 40KB :frowning:

Can anyone please help me how to keep the file size under control?

That is just strange. I took down the image, obviously it is a jpg now, full 100% in save for the web is 35.65k, when I convert it to med/30% it is 12.48k.

How do you save jpeg images?

I mean this is what I do (tell me if this is wrong method?)

I just open image file > File > Save As > Name the file with .jpg extension > select the quality 5 (medium) and Save it.

Is it correct method or not?

No it is not correct.

Go to File > Save for Web. A window will pop open and there are a whole slew of possibilities in there. You can set the % of the jpg file you want. It is also the place to save as png and gif, you can loop your animations as well.

The nice thing is that within this window you will see how the original psd file looks and the comparison when the file gets compressed :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help. I did not know about that feature very well before, now I can see the file size is reducing greatly :slight_smile:

Thank you once again.

leopard, you might find the following article useful, it has some additional optimization tips which could help you squeeze some extra KB outta your images:

Plus: This Yahoo tool is very useful too:

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

Those are good links Alex.

what’s the difference between this and just reducing the image quality and saving again?
still trying to understand what’s better - high dpi and small size or vis verse

dpi affects the file size. The file size you get will be relative to what the dpi is. Remember the web’s dpi is 72. That is not high.

Also, if you re-save a jpg you will lose information in the 2x compression. You should always use as base to save from a psd.

Or at least have the master copy in a lossless format like BMP or RAW. :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

Thanks for info)It’s really useful information for me)