Jpeg from Illustrator

Does anybody know how to create a jpeg file with high quality and minimum compression from Adobe Illustrator?

Hi -
Did you try Save for Web and tweak the settings there?

Hi LJK, Does this work for printing also?

[FONT=“Georgia”]No, “Save for Web” is only for small sizes (aka, web sizes). Good for saving web graphics or saving a file to be e-mailed.

If you need a high-res .jpg for print, you should use the regular “export” function (“File” > “Export…”).

The resolution at which you save your file depends on what it’s being used for…

Press/Newsprint should be about 150-180 dpi resolution.

Magazines should be about 300 dpi.

…If you’re unsure about what you need, call your printer first and ask them for their recommendation.

When you’re saving the .jpg, an “image quality” of about level 8 or higher gives you the highest quality (least compression) but largest file-size. Level 10 (in Illustrator CS) is supposed to be loss-less.


Hi Shaun, this still keep the file too big, I need it to be small.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Well, I hate to tell you this, dude, but there’s not much you can do about that.

If it needs to be large enough to print properly (without grain, pixelisation or fuzziness) the file is going to be large.

Try exporting the graphic as an .eps or a .pdf and see what you get. Those may or may not be smaller than the .jpg (depending on how your graphic is made).

Aside: If you need to get the large file to someone via the Internet, why not upload it somewhere and give them the download link ??


Well Shaun I pm you if you don’t mind to check it:)

Hi -
You might try Saving for Web as a .png file - that
should give you something between web + print quality…

Good luck,

Thank you LJK for the tip, butthe thing is that I need a Higher quality than this provides me.

roro1 - you really CANNOT have the best of both worlds. Create one file for print and one file for web. If you insist on one file for both go with a JPEG option and select quality 100%.

Hey Conradical I do not want both worlds, I need it for print but when I am saving it with 100% quality the colours appear to be different!

Thats strange (not totally).

  1. Is your image mode CMYK or RGB?

  2. Secondly… when you say that if you save it at 100% the colors are different, do you mean to say that if you save it at any other percentage the colors are alright?

  3. Can you post the image so we can take a look?