How to put videos into a HTML page with Dreamweaver CS5?

I am trying to create a web page with videos on it, which were created by Camtasia Studio, but I have no clue what to do. Do I have to learn Javascript, PHP, or some other language to do it?

No, not at all. Firstly, make sure it’s in a web friendly format (like mp4). There are lots of free video conversion tools online that help with that.

Then, if you like, you can download a free video player script that you just insert into your HTML. A nice example is FlowPlayer.

Does this help at all?

I need the videos to be very private so I would have to host them with my website. To host videos, I just need to embed them into HTML code with Javascript or something like that right? THanks for the help.

You place the actual video file on your server, say in a folder, and then link to it on the page where you want it to appear. For it to play on your page, you can use the <object> element, or <embed>. The Flowplayer code creates a nice interface with controls that allow you to start/stop etc. Dreamweaver may have its own player code too, so you probably just need to click a button for Dw to set this all up for you (I haven’t tried it myself, so sorry I can’t be more specific).

When you say “make the video private”, I assume you mean there won’t be any external links to the page with the video. Otherwise, hosting the video yourself is no more private than posting it on YouTube.

By the way, if you grab some YouTube code and paste it into your page as a test, you’ll get a nice idea of what video code looks like.

I want the videos to only be accessible by members of my website. I still need to learn how to do that though. I will definitely look into FlowPlayer if Dw does not have a video option. Thanks for the help.

If you want them to be private you either; don’t tell the public about your website and don’t have links to the videos as was mentioned. Else usually use a server side script to create a password protected page where the visitors have to login first.

Can I do something that recognizes the IP address or MAC address of the users computer?

I wouldn’t have thought so and not everyone has a static IP address and it’s basically the router and hardware that cares about MAC rather than the browser itself.

You can however use filters against IP but it depends upon what amount of people you are expecting and you’d have to make a “safe-list” of static IP values.

So the best solution would be to password protect the area of the site that I want to be private and set up a system that would give automatic passwords to users that purchase memberships right? Do you know any easy ways to do it? Thanks a lot.

Yes, that sounds a fairly sensible solution you never mentioned it was a membership based website. I assumed it was just for some friends. Also are financial concerns involved about the membership as that will make a difference.

Though usually you’d need to use a server-side script for example PHP and usually a database if you want to be fairly efficient at storing the users and auto-emailing login/password credentials, etc.

I don’t want to assume but if this is of the adult nature you may look into clipsforsale or similar sites. They’ll do everything for you for a cut of your profits.

Otherwise I would follow 'coder’s advice and do it with php.

No, the videos are instructional. I will sell memberships to the site as a digital product on clickbank.