How to play the flash game on iPhone

I want to run the flash game on iPhone? any one can tell me how to do this?

In a very tortuous route if absolutely necessary - if you have a jailbroken phone, you can output from flash cs5 as an iphone app and then transfer to your phone and play it. There’s no easy way to do it. If you are talking about developing an original game, and are a registered ios developer you can output from flash cs5 to an iphone app, and subject to the vagaries of the app submission process it might get accepted to the app market

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iOS doesn’t support Flash. Controversial, but not likely to change.

Try the free converter software.

sorry, i am understand that your means,Because i don’t know how to output from flash cs5.

you should jailbreak your iPhone. You must at first install OpenSSH… download, install and set up Cyberduck for Mac or WinSCP for Windows 2. you should download Frash-0.02.deb file, than navigate to /var/root/Media directory and create a folder named “Cydia”
3. you should create another folder named AutoInstall inside Cydia, copy the Frash-0.02.deb file to folder AutoInstall and restart and enjoy Flash on your iPhone.
Good Luck!!!

Frash doesn’t work since ios 4.2.1, so unless you have an apple device that has never had it’s operating system updated in over a year, you won’t be able to get this to work.