Flash file conversion to play on iPad/iPhone?

Hello all,

I have a client who has a web site a few small Flash animations that he wants to be visible on the iPad/iPhone.

How should I go about doing this?
What software should I use?
What are you the other designers/developers doing to achieve this?

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.


Sorry, I should have been more descriptive: I’m thinking it would entail converting the animation to javascript that would be incorporated in the web page. There was a anouncement of “smoke” at: http://bit.ly/cpf5xH but have promised the code for this way back in May and not released it yet.

You could have a look at gordon javascript library or the newly released [URL=“http://www.sencha.com/blog/2010/10/26/introducing-sencha-animator-the-html5-css3-alternative-to-flash/”]sencha animator