How to optimize of ecommerce portal?


How to optimize a ecommerce website with less content and more image and keyword stuffs.and also how to target more keywords in in one page.


should emphasize on off page SEO, because with less content u can not do on page optimzation

Please do use the courtesy of at least doing some of your own research - a simple Google query would have revealed several in-depth solutions. We’d prefer to help you with a specific problem rather than a very generic one.

Rubbish. And this isn’t an SMS forum. Please spell-check your answers and avoid using ‘txt spk’.

Geez its depressing to constantly see lame posts in an SEO forum from users with sigs full of links to companies offering SEO “services”. And yeah that’s off topic but I’m just sayin’…

You are absolutely right, Hyena. This thread is now closed. Posting for the express purpose of promoting your services is not cool here.