Internet marketing services for ecoomerce


How we can estimate the price of e commerce of website to optimize it on different keywords?

will it be depend upon the pages of website or keywords?


Just a guess - but if you’re talking about large ecommerce sites with many pages and keywords, you probably need to charge for some combination of both pages and keywords.

I haven’t done that for anyone myself, but maybe someone with experience doing that will share some comments.



I fun of doing a optimaztion but let me guess but I’m sure on this but I think its depend on website. because mostly that I enter its depend on website I’m not sure on that its a guess.

I will ask my bestfriend after I got a new a will be back for more information.

An easier way is to determine the amount of time and effort you are actually going to spend on it and come up with a fixed monthly amount. Don’t over commit yourself just to get a new client. There are many ways to advertise an ecommerce site. I would target his top money making products and specifically the money keywords used to get to those product pages. There are quicker ways to see results for an ecommerce store than organic search engine marketing. I would setup a PPC campaign as well as create an feed for product search engines.


Create a list of all eCommerce features you want and be sure to share that list with the eCommerce web design company you choose. This will help them to give you an accurate estimate.

Hello Guys

I already my bestfriend it is also a website designer he give a tips yup my gues was right it still depend on website.

The more unique website the more in high price.

One more be more competitives on your websites so that you can easily get a traffic and earn more.

I think more competition one need for optimizing your site more price he will take. More unique product you have less price he will take. But now a days nothing is unique out there, As one need to face tough competition for getting Good SERP


wow that is right now and days are no more unique because the best things is are we need to make our best to hava a competitive sites to the google.

we need to optimize.

Lets have a business because in internet marketing the most easiest money get i want to earn more.and save a lot i have a site to sell and i also get paid to optimise it,

today is the beginning of the new type of business the easiest and the fastest money ever

yeah i agree with you guys that we have to optimist our site to get more traffic.

through optimizing our sites and get more traffic on it we can easily earn money for that.

make your site be unique, optimize your site and get more traffic on it then you can earn for it.