How to open port 80?

I’ve been trying different things and performing port scans on my system trying to see if my computer is secure, but it saying port 80 is closed on my ip

How do i open it?

That depends on a lot of things. It may be a firewall on your computer, it may be a hardware firewall. Perhaps your router is not configured to forward incoming connections on that port to your IP.

Why would you want to open it? The only reason to do so would be if you wanted to run a webserver on it. Many ISP however do not allow this on home machines, which might be the reason, that port appears blocked on your computer (depending on how you performed your portscanning).

well i have comcast for ISP
and im trying to set up a home server also :slight_smile:

Well, then this already is the answer. Comcast does not allow incoming port 80 traffic for homeservers. You basically have three options:

a) Put that webserver on a different port, e.g. 8080
b) Switch ISP
c) Get a real server

Option a) is probably the right solution, if you just want to serve semi private stuff to friends. Option c) is what you should do, if you are looking into having a real website. You can’t seriously run these on homeservers anyway.

can i put the server on port 8080?

how do i do it?

By reading the documentation of the server software you have.
In any case if you get caught Comcast will terminate your connection.

ummm ok then…i guess im not doing it because i dont want my service to be terminated :confused: lol
i’ll find another ISP then

thank u guys for ya help! :wink:

what kind of ISP allows me to keep my ports open then?