How common is port 8080?

I want to have a static server for my website which runs on the same machine as the dynamic server. I have read on the internet that port 8080 is a good alternative port to use.

Is common enough that it will work in all cases like port 80? And that it won’t be blocked by firewalls and so on since it’s not a service port (port < 1024).

8080 is usually open, it’s used a lot with Java servlet engines BTW

many of the host have to keep port 8080 open, its quit common port.

Port 8080 is blocked by a great deal of corporate firewalls, as it is usually used by proxy servers - and companies don’t want their users using proxies to get around any installed protection on the network.

Port 8080 is blocked on most public computers (libraries, universities…) in my country.