How to mass marketing a new website?

Hi all,

Let’s say I have an amazing idea for a website(I guess you have those too;). I build and launch it. Now starts the hard part, getting traffic. SEO is good, but it takes a lot of time. Advertising on Adwords can be pretty expensive. Social networks isn’t really a massive traffic generator. So, what would be the best approach for bringing large volume of traffic to your website(I’m talking about millions per month)?

Should I use PR(Public relations, not page rank:) firms? Should I advertise on TV? Should I use Ad networks?

You can hire some SEO professionals from freelancing sites for marketing your site.However you also work with blog commenting,forum marketing and social bookmarking for driving more traffic to your new website.

Sounds like you’re not exactly willing to spend the time or money it takes to get your great website idea off the ground :slight_smile:

Starting a good business online is as tough as starting a brick and mortar business - it takes time, money, and a ton of energy.

Do the work on SEO and spend the money on PPC - if the website really is a great idea, then people will agree and you’ll make money.

If not, you’ll fail.

At the end of the day, however, you’ll learn a ton of valuable lessons along the way!

SEO really is a very hard task to do. You need to spend most of your time promoting your website in order to generate more traffic, but sometimes traffic isn’t that good without conversion. This is what every business is avoiding " the no conversion",. But this is really the case, sometimes you succeed sometimes you lose. Just continue with the promotion. You can hire an SEO Expert to do the best thing or a PPC expert :slight_smile:

build the traffic slowly if want to make a the long term benefit i.e blog commenting,forum,submission to social marketing,web directory,article submission.

but if u want to make fast traffic…do PPC…but u have to prepare your budget.

I would suggest you do email marketing services, i hope that really helps to increase your website traffic,
Social Media marketing also a good one to get traffic from world wide.

an amazing idea for a website

If the mass market agrees it is an amazing idea, you can use a Press Release. If, however, the idea was developed within a user and customer-free, competitor-free vacuum, the chance that millions will agree enough to even check the site out is remote.

Ideas best achieve greatness throught the proclaimation of others, not the one with the idea. Next, great ideas are rarely the one big idea, rather (upon sober analysis) one finds the great idea really is a number of smaller ideas. A self reinforcing ecosystem of interrelated ideas which work so well together, it’s hard to separate them.

Finally, a great idea remains great only when accompanied by great execution. Many mediocre ideas have risen to greatness on the back of great execution. Long story short, if the website is a great idea, people will find out; one way or another. If not, millions spent yearly won’t float it.

It depends on your idea, but if you can fit a referral program in your idea, then that will greatly help ease the promotion on your part, since you’ll have affiliates do the work for you and in exchange you give them something, depends on the site’s idea, if the referral program can’t fit inside, then it will be only hard cash money for your affiliates, but that could work out less well, because you would also need to work a lot on recruiting good affiliates, get them interested by your offer.

You should go for exquisite blog & article sites like squidoo and hubpages which must get you some sort of healthy traffic.


Content submission in squidoo, hubpages, flixya and some guest blogging sites will be helpful. Also if you have some budget for advertisement, i would like to suggest paid promotion in google adwords and facebook.

Definitely a press release is where I would start. Get the word out with that and article marketing. From there I would start building back links slowly and in a stable way. If it really is a good idea, it will take off from there. Take your time because if you do it quickly, it won’t stick around long. Good luck!

The first question you have to ask yourself is not how you promote but what a visitor / user / member is worth to you. Is it a free site depending on ad dollars? If so, will they be low or high? Will people come back frequently or just visit now and then? You can find common models of valuation for everything from dating sites to social gaming to help firm up projections.

Once you understand the value of a user, you can decide what marketing tactics make sense… Not necessarily which you can afford but which you should be using at some point. The more a user is worth, the more justification there is in spending to bring them in.

Then it’s a matter of figuring out your finances. Do you have capital you can invest? If not, you have to find ways to augment with time, virality, partnerships or other effort based activities.

Take a press release for example. On it’s own you’ll get little more than distribution to a bunch of seldom read, overly linked sites. But with good pitching to actual media contacts you could get a story on Techcrunch or CNN or the local news. Which you aim for depends on what you want… early adopter awareness or mass market… but just having a release is not the goal.

Social media sites can also be huge traffic drivers, but you have to have a reason and method to get sharing. Google Plus is evidence of this as it’s grown to over 10 million users in a month completely through sharing so while you may not be Google, the same approach can yield results… but again you have to create demand and get enough influencers and connected individuals in to get it to spread.

AdWords, Facbook ads and similar type campaigns can drive great volumes of traffic at fairly low costs while remaining targeting. $50 won’t get you mass adoption however…

Since your goal is mass anything you do must be done in a way that builds momentum. That means you can’t do a little SEO Monday, call a few partners next Thursday and hope for success. Line your ducks up now. Figure out all the paid media you can afford. Turn in your favor cards. And push for it to all start rolling out on a set date so you go from 0 to as much as you can get quickly.

I think you are more concern about the traffic aren’t you targeting some goals to achieve mass traffic while purchasing different unethical ways can harm the whole process you need to start with seo and PPC both it requires time and money both side by side.

If there was a “free” and “quick” answer to this, I guess we’d all be rich :eye: