How to make image

Hi, can i ask some help how can i make menu tabs image for my website i tried to make in adobe phtoshop cs5 but i don’t know how to make it…can you please guide me…i want to show the image that i want to make but i got problem in inserting image here.

This is the image that i want to make I hope someone can help me to make like this.

Yopu can find it via Google image search.

It is not advisable to use images from Google search! What about copyrights?
Jemz, Have searched for tutorials? there are a lot of them all around the web and you will find something that suits your needs!
Here are some examples:

Hi,Thank you for the reply and for the links,wow this is very nice.thank you so much for this.i will write back to you if i have problem.

Yep :slight_smile: Just let us know how things go!