How to make like this

Please help me i want to make image like this.(please see below).I really want to make image like this i hope you can help me please.Thank in advance.

Do you have Photoshop or illustrator?

There are lots of tutorials online for doing this, such as

Yes, I have.I am using cs5 photoshop…I tried searching google but google did not gave me the what i wanted…thank you for the is this how it works?

Hi,can i ask something about the image i posted,why is that the image should be look like that in making the tabs menu?why is it should have three vertical image with different background color?can you please enligthen my mind.Thank you in advance.

It’s a “sprite” image, which means that different parts of the image appear depending on whether you are hovering over the image or not. Here’s an intro:

How thank you so much for this nice intro…okay so this is the sprite image now i know.thank you with this.

You’re welcome. Sprites are a lot of fun. :slight_smile: