How to make an admin template function able?

I really like the admin templates on themeforest and I know I would need to create a database to store user information… I know some .php would be needed to display certain data… but I do not know how to implement a new database into the theme or any extra .php

Can someone give me some insight on what I need to setup an admin template? How did you learn, have you used them before? All information would be very useful. Thanks:D

The template is just the html code you use. No different then the way you build the non-admin section. You use the template purely for its html/css to construct your GUI front end.

Why would anyone want to do that? I am 100% positive you can turn it into a function able membership panel… I Installed ruby on rails and I am going to use active admin I hope this is the solution :slight_smile:

facepalms Well of course you can make it functional. But you have to write the code yourself. The template you get from ThemeForest is just HTML and CSS for you to dismantle and use at the GUI code for your admin backend.

facepalms yeah thats not very hard to realize I mean when you look at the files they’re predominantly HTML… I was looking for any kind of solution not the obvious (even though that may be helpful to some… I am not bashing here just saying I was just looking for a solution to installing the template… its funny how there are thousands of people buying the templates but no good resources or tips like “hey install active admin” out there), after some digging I have found a tut on installing active admin with ruby I have installed it I am just having a few problems with ruby that are most likely easy to solve so I will ask that question in the ruby & rails section…