Admin template (good ones) - free download?

I am in search of a very good (really very good) admin template. Most of the design control is pushed to the CSS and the template should look very clear, while it still has a power to customize. Should use minimal javascripting and xhtml. But look pretty pleasing.

Admin templates are most widely used templates where design is less cared. Many people including I would prefer a the template somewhat similar to the frontend website but gives a distinct vision to tell the admin that s/he is on the admin side, and not on the front end. If I can find a good one, I would stick with it, and customize it for individual projects.

I just posted my message here to search for a good admin temlate, if you know already. And the search results “free admin template” did not list me good links in google.

Thank you for sending me links to good admin templates.

What are you talking about?

An admin area is generally designed based upon specific business goals at hand. By template might you be referring to a CMS? A template by itself will not provide admin management tools. You would need full blown CMS to do that. The template is small potatos in comparison to the logic necessary to allow users to manage information via UI.

You build the design based on what you want your site to do, and what you want your users to do once they land on your site. It’s troublesome to approach it from the other end – find a template you like and then force everything to work inside that template. Better to get a grasp on what you want your site to do, and then if you want to use a template, find one that addresses those wants and goals.