How to make Admin panel in php?

Hi there

I am working on a web application which has requirement of making Admin Panel in backend.I have 2 requirement

1)User can add any type of media type file wit text any where(like sitepoint new question add)
2)I need to create REST API using that values(My requirement is to send that data in same order to REST clients in which order they addeed like an text then Image should store in database and also transfer in same order)

I have problem in below thing
1)How to store file part data with text in database and later send it to REST clients(androi,iOS)

Is there any custom pre built things like plugin etc?

An admin UI is typically nothing more than data entry forms protected via an authentication and/or authorization layer. Frameworks like Symfony and Laravel provide a a lot of features to facilitate building these types of things from scratch. If you take it a step further to a cms like Drupal the admin is already built for you. That is one of the MAJOR advantages of a cms like Drupal. You don’t need to spend any time building an admin which can take a considerable amount of time otherwise.

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