How to lose weight fast?

any tips to lose weight fast?

There are no secrets and if somebody tells you otherwise, he lies.

losing weight too fast is not healthy and besides you will put on more weight once you finished your diet. A steady rythm is better than fast weight loss, for your health and also it will make it a bit harder to regain what you lost.

I’ve lost around 16 lbs since the beginning of April, but I sort of cheated.

I lost 8 of them while I was ill. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the rest, I basically took an inventory of everything I ate, then removed the food I decided I could do without eating. And I decided to remove the foods with the most dubious nutritional value.

There’s an excellent book called “Eat to Live” by Dr Joel Fuhrman that will show you how to achieve a healthy weight without going on a fad diet. It’s a bit of a dry read, but it’s a great book.

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Search for the 5 2 diet.

I know a couple of people that have had very good results.

I’ve seen more people lose weight from running/walking than any 10 diets put together.

You just need to be serious about it. Walking around the block once a week for 6 weeks isn’t going to do you any good.

First, disclosure. I’ve inherited my grandmother’s “skinny” genes.

Although I eat as much as I can as often as I can and way more than my fill, I’m still underweight.

But I agree with mawburn’s comment about walking. I don’t “power walk” but I don’t “stroll” either. I walk an average of about a mile in 40 minutes every day.
Not as exercise, but just as part of taking care of various errands and not having a car.

Don’t, there’s a top tip!

If you want to lose weight sustainably though, I have many tips…

First a couple of tools. Check out myfitnesspal (both a smart device app and website), and begin logging, honestly, what you consume. (I am not affiliated, but you’re welcome to add me as a friend on there)

Next get yourself a heart rate monitor.

MFP will help you work out target calories in for sustained weight loss (depending on your current weight, age and lifestyle). It will also help you log exercise.

Basic maths of losing weight is: Calories in - Basal Metabolic Rate (roughly how many calories you burn just to survive, while at rest). If the result is a negative number, you should lose weight, if it’s positive, you should gain weight.

Throw exercise into the equation and the numbers differ. Let’s say your BMR is 2000 (calories), and you eat 2400 calories. You will steadily put on weight. However, throw 800 calories worth of exercise into the equation and you should both lose weight and get healthier.

Old wisdom was that working long periods in the fat-burning zone (this is where your heart rate monitor comes in) was most efficient for quick weight loss. Your fat burning zone is somewhere around 65% of your heart rate max (220-your age). However, this is not exact science and more recent research advocates working at closer to your VO2 max for shorter periods as being more beneficial. Still other research advocates lifting weights to failure as most efficient.

Personally, I think a combination of the three, at different times, is the way forward. So you may want to throw together a program that includes a long period (say 45mins to an hour to begin with) of light jogging or swimming, some sort of HIIT (high intensity interval training) or martial arts class and a decent supervised weights session. If you do just one of each three times a week, and watch your diet with something like my fitness pal (there are others), you WILL lose weight, and the weight loss will likely be more sustainable than any you may lose on a fad diet.

Just like with web development, there are no short-cuts. Eating too little will probably ultimately result in weight gain, as your body will begin to compensate, putting you into so-called “starvation mode”, which can be difficult to reset. Eat smart, be honest, monitor what you’re doing and eating and be consistent, and you will lose. Good luck!

“DO exercise 2-3 hours per day” you will loose your wait as soon as possible…,

Trying to lose weight quickly is a waste of time since lost weight will soon be regained and most probably a little extra will be added.

Weight loss is a way of life and best done by observation. Whenever you see someone eating and/or drinking, take a mental note of what they are consuming and whether you would like a similar figure.

It is more than just a coincidence that “you are what you eat”.

According to the new research in the world two billion sixty million fat people live.this is very serious issue.losing wait is not a very tough job.But it takes time to lose wait.i advise you eat lesser than your hunger.and avoid sugar and fast food.Do daily lose your wait in few month

avoid junk food and do exercise once in a day. I m sure you will fit automatically

There was one guy who 100 pounds in three months. His name is Edwin Velez. It’s feasible I think, but I’m really not sure how healthy it is.

But I think instead of asking for advice and looking for the best advice, you should just make changes that you can stick with and that you know would help you. Stop thinking about the time aspect. No one ever got somewhere any faster by thinking about time…

I’ve experimented with various fads and found one that works for me.

  • For dinner, I drink vegetable juice (kale, ginger, celery, apple, and etc…). You can find different recipes. Make sure that your stomach is empty when you drink for Maximum absorbility. I typically make enough for 3 drinks. This way I don’t have to cook for 2 days ( 1 day for making juice…about 1 hour).

  • Workout at most 30 minutes. Have one simple goal when working out “Drain as much energy as possible”. Chances are someone is using the equipment you want to use or other obstacles. Try to have less then 30 second rest per routine…Trust me…if you do this right then you should be dead tired. Don’t use any cardio equipment like treadmill. This is what I typically do. M100 (10 min), Chest Press, Should Press, Dead Lift, Leg Push, and arm curls last. Draining energy is hard and it takes time to master how to drain all energy. Typically, I do arm curl until i no longer can lift another rep. Ex. 2x10 reps on 35lb, 2x10 reps on 30 lbs, 2x10 on 25lbs… by the time you get to around 15~20…you should be close to dying. If not arm curl, then use it for different workout… Dumb bells are pretty flexible and that’s why I use it at the end

As someone said… you should workout to live and not the other way around. Balance is the key. Life is unexpected and I won’t have 30 min to workout then I would sacrifice carbs. In the past, I would just overeat during evening and changing it to juicing alone was enough to lose 20lbs in 2 months…well maybe not alone… I try to work out 3 times a week.

oh… I’ll add the mistakes along the way

  • Never do juicing the entire day… Some call this cleansing… but it was rough on my body and mind (hunger craving)
  • Let say your friend invites you to watch Movie then go instead of the Gym. However, you make up after the movie by doing quick 10 min workout or decide to have 2 juice meal instead of 1.
  • I for one hate gym…this is where 30 min rule works great for me… Regardless of how tired or not… it ends at 30. Make it painful but as short as possible.

Again, everyone is different but this one seems to work for me.

There are many tips through you can lose weight. You can also search from Google but I am advising you some tips which really works for losing weight.

  1. Drink 2 glass hot water by putting some drops of lemon in the morning
  2. Take small meal in the night
  3. Make your routine to walk or run for 15 to 20 minutes

Our main reason for gaining weight is to eat too much and no exercise so eat less and do work much. I hope this will help you Thanks!


Doing Exercise and eat diet foods is the best way to lose weight

After wake up drink hot water then do exercise on a daily basis… Then you will see the changes…

I agree. Same as my routine. A regular exercise and a Healthy diet( as for me, Paleo is my lifestyle!)… Been feeling great ever since. Most importantly, Patience and Hardwork!!

It is all about self discipline and self control.
Set a goal and work on it. Diet is not my thing but I make sure that I work hard to burn what I need to burn. Move more.

Guide for you: Drink water to lose weight :slight_smile:

500ml = 1 bottle of small mineral water
250ml = half bottle
3 liters = 6 x 500ml

Drink 500ml water to flush your bowel before brushing your teeth.

A glass of Oat drink with milk and a piece or two of wholemeal bread is good enough/
Continue to drink water 500ml + 250ml

Lunch time you can eat rice, cut it down to half bowl (if u must eat some rice at night too, eat another half in the evening. So one day u only eat 1 bowl of rice) Continue drinking water. 500ml + 250ml

Tea time: (target 1.5 cup of coffee per day, 1 cup is better) you can use half sachet of 3 in 1 coffee. So drink another half next day for tea time. Continue to drink plain water. 500ml + 250ml

You should’ve finished your 2.5 liters waters by now. At night you don’t have to drink too much for better sleep. Less toilet time.

250ml you can do it slowly in the evening.

Dinner time: try to avoid carbohydrate. If not, eat half bowl of rice with less oil dishes. Or noodle soup half of the bee hoon but eat more vege and fish. (Fish cake, crab sticks and fish ball are carbo) Eat real meat instead. :wink:

Before bed time: dont drink too much water you will pee later.

Easily forget natural and easy prepare food we can eat:

Sweet potato, brinjal, cabbage, broccoli, all mushrooms, carrot, white carrot, baby corn, bean curd, fried egg with spring onion/white onion/tomato, stir fried black fungus with mushrooms, stir fried capsicum (red/green) with mince lean meat.

Eat more fish and all kinds of vege, eat food with rich colors. Purple, orange, yellow, black are great source of nutrients.

Brinjal, carrots, capsicum, black sesame, black fungus, mushroom…

Avoid process food: sugar, butter, salt and dairy products.

This is just a guide for you. You can adjust accordingly for your own convenience. No obligation. :wink:


To lose weight fast you have to control your diet, and do the exercises that are suitable for health. Running is the best exercise to decrease weight fast, if you can run. Drink more fresh water each day.