Weight Issues - Who has lost? Who has gained?

This should be an interesting post. Who here has lost weight and who here has gained weight? How much? Why? What happened?

As for me - I put on about 90 lbs in 5 years, then lost over 100lbs 7 years. I found that food + sitting at a desk for 12 hours a day != healthy lifestyle.

I got into running - HATED it at first, but now I can really dig it. I also keep my calorie intake at around 2,000 a day. No diet fads or anything. Just some exercize when I can, and keeping an eye on calorie intake.

after going through some surgery for 4 years, i gained 50+ lbs.

well, after going through it, i then lost 62lbs in 2,5 months… then gained some - lost some - gained - lost etc :stuck_out_tongue:

two months of work during the winter usually makes me lose 15-22 lbs. then the rest of the year i am gaining it again hahaha

i dont really care, and i eat everything. i can live on ice cream for days, then live on chocolate. i can have 5-6 hot meals a day, and while working i can eat a few slices of bread for a whole week… it depends on what i do.

I planned to go in Gym for exercise sessions but I failed to insert it with my busy schedule. :frowning:

My figure never changes. No matter others say I’m fatter or thinner than before. It’s really curious.

If anything, I gain. In the last 10 years I gained quite a bit… around 35 kg or so.

I rarely follow my weight tbh. If I can’t tie my shoes, I grumble; if my hip bones look too much like dinner plates, I eat.

I’ve yo-yo-ed over the last year due to injuries. I lost 30 lbs during the first half of last year and was going for another 10-20 when I got shin splints training for a run (a summer biathlon). I struggled through the last few months of last year and just couldn’t get them to heal.

I literally hate going to the gym, just doesn’t work for me. So when I can’t run, I find it a bit hard to get exercise. I’ve gained about 15 pounds back or so and am just now starting to get back into running again, after nearly a year trying to get my shins to heal up.

I did a lot of walking/hiking through the winter and spring. I’m up to almost a mile running again, and I haven’t felt any pain in about a month or so. I’m hesitant to just plow back into it, don’t want to injure them again, so I’m taking it real slow. I’d love to be back up to my 5k running again by the end of summer.

OMG I must admit that I gained weight last year. I gained 5 kilos :frowning:

Now, I’m trying to loose weight but I guess, lifestyle has a big part in this issues.

I’m stuck at my desk working for 8 hours. :frowning:

I know, I liked them both, not sure what I think of them together. Thanks for the comments. I’ve been thinking about taking the site down, I’ve kind of lost interest in it. It’s too hard (and sometimes too expensive) to keep up with the bands and music.

Oh and nicely done on the weight loss!

Bill, props to you for your Christian music site :slight_smile: I still can’t believe Tait is the new lead singer of Newsboys. They still sound great, but lost that whole aussie sound.