Best way to lose weight

What could be the best way to lose weight without puttings strain on ankles.
Please share your views.

Swimming? Cycling? And a healthy diet?

But if you’re having some kind of health problem (your ankles) you shouldn’t be asking advice here in a webdev forum, but talk to your doctor.

Losing weight is a way of life…

I have noticed the Body Mass Index (BMI) is definitely related to the type of food and drink consumed. Just take a look around and notice what people are eating and drinking.

So if you want to lose weight, eliminate modern fast food and eat vast quantities of fresh food and vegetables. Also plain water or fruit juice instead of fizzy, sugared drinks.

Google :wink:

BMI is as useful as a one legged man in an **** kicking contest and is as reliable as an Alfa Romeo.
Quite why it is still being used in medicine is beyond me.

If you take in 1200 calories and use 2000 calories then you will lose weight.
Diet and exercise are the only sure fire way to lose weight without surgery.

It all depends upon your diet and the way you manage things to keep yourself Fit and healthy ! If you ask me going for a Jog or swim can make a lot of difference in your weight !

Sometimes its fun to think outside box :slight_smile: With a do double check with professional. Swimming is a great idea. Callanetics might be an idea. (not sure how bad your ankles are, all my outdoor shoes are the high top hiking type which help provide support) I can do a road walk, not a hike across rough country. Also something that came up with a friend the doctors had her walking with 2 walking sticks, but never watcher her walk (makes me wonder as they are making money off her not loosing weight). LOL, she was walking the amount of time but was using the most energy conserving walking technique, by using her tummy, moving her shoulders, a little ump to the exercise, and she is burning lots more calories.


talk to your doctor.