How to learn b2b marketing effectively?

Hi, i want to learn about b2b marketing and b2c marketing. Can you suggest best tutor for learn about business to business marketing. one of my friend doing b2b business. he is earning more money from this process and he referd this site: [snip] i don’t know this is best or not so can you suggest me friends…

Hi titusaski and welcome to the forums. The site you linked to is not a tutorial site, so I have removed the link as it will just cause confusion and perhaps take the discussion off-topic.

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Right now the best method to learn are online courses or going to speakers meetings. Forums and niche communities remains another place where you can pick up useful information and also you can meet really nice people with a lot of experience. About the site you heard unfortunately that’s one from the many out there. My advice would be to look for a great speaker that has some presentations near you or in your town. They are very motivational. Actually that’s the purpose.

ps: learn from other people mistakes!