Blog for business issues?

hi mates…
how are you all??
Hay I want to ask that which is the best blog where I can discuss issues related to my business…I searched one but i lost its link…Now I am looking for assistance from you guys :slight_smile:
regards :slight_smile:

What is the kind of your business. Be specific to suit the best blog type for you. :slight_smile:

what is the profile of your business? anyway, for a general talking you can search B2B websites.

I know that blogs helps to gain knowledge on various blogging aspects and subjects but not on discussions. If you would like discuss something related to your business, use forums because forums sole purpose is for discussions. :wink:

i’m fine…
what are u business, master??

it is hard to suggest blogs if we don’t know what your business is… plus, the commenter before me is right… blogs aren’t their for discussions… use this site to discuss your business… i am sure many members here can help…