Dofollow or nofollow in blog post?


I want to know what bloggers do when they post a link in their blog post add a nofollow or dofollow?

I always look for a do follow blog with the same niche to my site… it is much helpful in getting possible audience to my site…

I have never, and I will never, put
rel=“dofollow” in any of my links, ever.

I just do plain old normal link links…

Thanks Everyone!

What I want to do is nofollow links that I post in nofollow links in comments but dofollow link related to my niche that are not spam put in the website box.

nofollow links for your site do not support to boost ranking is SERP its increase only traffic when blog is very popular. Blogger put all comment links in nofollow.

comment section of my blog is a dofollow one but its moderated…though i support whether its a nofollow or dofollow one

I nofollow links going outside of my side, of course excluding the links to link trade partners

It will be helpful to get real traffic with bloggers and its members through do follow system.

The only links you would ever want rel=“nofollow” on with a blog are those included in comments added to your blog by other people where you don’t control the links.

Nofollow links are not helpful in search Engine ranking.Always try to keep do follow links.No follow links are not crawl by Google.
Normally Blogger put all comment links in nofollow

Crawling by following the links is a non-issue if you have a good sitemap.
And is spreading the page rank to your other pages really all that important?

Nofollow are for not crawling a link by search engine. Dofollow allow search engine to crawl links. Nofollow tag we can use if we are using a link for reference not for crawl.

I am not putting anything with the links of my regular posts…but I guess the standard is that WordPress treats all links as nofollow if left as they are…am I right or what?

Of course, you are right…we need do follow for linking the way, how come you got 4,294,967,295 posts already…how many centuries did it take for you to make that? :rofl:

To increase SERP go with dofollow links, but nofollow links help in increasing traffic if the blog is popular.

We can only get link juice from a do follow blog,because if we paste a link in no-follow then Google’s crawler is not gonna crawl it and its useless for us for site which we linking back to.

If you write an article and link to an external site I assume you find the linked site useful/valuable to the reader, and should therefore allow dofollow (ie. not use “nofollow”)

dofollow/nofollow in blog comments is a harder question…dofollow in their profile/name, and nofollow in the blog text maybe (to avoid unnecessary spam in blog comments, but still “reward” commentators for contributing to the discussion) ?

I nofollow comment links, affiliate links, and any links that I can not “vouch” for. The nofollow attribute does not prevent a search engine from “following” the link, it just tells it not to pass link juice. If I were selling a banner ad or something I would also nofollow that link.

I have them on dofollow, only those in comments are nofollow.