How to know about freelancing?

i would like to know how to income in online .i heard about outsourcing from internet.that’s why raise curious for this field of outsourcing.

can you help me about freelancing.

We already have two current threads on the subject, in both of which you’ve offered advice to people asking a similar question.

Please be more specific about what you are asking here.

Hi, Yes this is good idea that you can earn money online working in home as freelancer. I will recommend you two websites.


Go on these websites make your profile and bid for the jobs, you can get easily data entry, web research jobs on these websites. These websites has a good setup of withdraw of payment. If you have other technical skills like web development, java, c++, Android development etc, they you can earn very much money working in home online.

That depends where you are based. If you are in Western Europe, North America, Australia, or other “developed” economies, you will find it very difficult to compete against freelancers in low-wage countries. Either you will not get any work from these sites because your fees are perceived as being too high, or you will be working for extremely low rates. So, yes, by all means register with those sites. But don’t expect to make any serious money from them.