Looking to get into web development

I’ve done a tiny bit of HTML in the past as well as some C++. It was at school but I didn’t go anywhere with it. Now I’ve been out of work on workers comp for over a year and really looking to start a new career. I’ve always been interested in development and now I’d like to do something more with it. I’d really like to work from home as I have two young children. I’m looking for help/advice on getting started in the field. I think I’d like to do web development but I’m also looking for somewhere where I can make money. I’ve signed up for lynda.com and have been doing their HTML tutorial. Any ideas of a good avenue to take would be highly appreciated. Thank you.


Maybe browse some jobs on a freelance site like elance and see if there’s any jobs on there you think you can tackle. If so, then you can setup an account and start bidding on jobs. That might be a good place to start.

Get yourself a good mentor first - money comes later on.

Before starting web development as a profession, you should have at least good knowledge of HTML and some scripting language. I will suggest you to learn PHP, JAVA, MYSql, HTML and some designing tool like photoshop and flash etc.

HTML knowledge is minimum requirement to get into web development.I suggest you to continue your learning with CSS,Java script,PHP,CMS etc…

I completely agree with the points above, in addition make sure that you do some reading about freelancing good practices (SitePoint has an excellent book called the Principles of Successful Freelancing), if you are on a type budget but are looking to improve your knowledge A list apart has a treasure trove of high quality information.

Also try to get some hands on experience, by for example developing some sites for some non profits or small business, it will help you learn how to spec a website properly and the skills you need to deal with clients.

Good luck.

Ideas? Well, err… simply learn HTML & CSS , after which you can continue with JavaScript and PHP (and perhaps more if you would like). You need to practice before you should attempt making money using your so-called development skills. There are several good websites and (e-)books you could read (however, you’ll have to find them yourself, as I am not going to post any links).

Continue with HTML, then learn a client side scripting language and a server side scripting language, plus CSS. With a decent knowledge in those, you can probably tackle small jobs. I’d recommend building yourself a test site before working on someone else’s, though.

Web Development is the good option to start career but before start your career in web development you should know about HTML, CSS and other languages like JSP, java script, etc. If you know knowledge about these languages then you have great change to get placed in reputed firms because we provide many more chance to you for many jobs.

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Ya know I just came across a helpful hint of wisdom: The world is full of needs. Don’t fill a need so much as do what makes you come alive with passion. People need people of passion when ever a need is met. Patience. . . speak volumes. . .

HTML is a very basic skill of most web developers nowadays but it’s a good start, i would suggest you that you focus more on the server/client side programming languages which makes up the DYNAMIC websites we see and use nowadays… once you mastered HTML and CSS, i would suggest that you try taking lynda.com’s javascript and php course next…

Before taking on jobs on sites like elance, Odesk etc, you should create a portfolio site for yourself, by doing this you will learn working, and have a minimum experience. I believe that only trying and gaining experience you can learn.

YOu should go for freelance. Search the projects for u online, hopefully it will help u alot.


One thing I would like to add is that if you are planning on getting into web development professionally, you will want to build up at least a few examples of work that you have done and put it in a portfolio for potential clients to see. Even if these are website built for no purpose other than to be a part of the portfolio, you should have something.

As far as learning, there are tons of great resources on the web. All that really stands in your way is time and practice.

W3 Schools is a good resource,

Hope that helps,

Please don’t use w3schools, they give you just enough information to be dangerous :frowning: and some of their coding practices are shoddy (For a full list of reasons not to use them read w3fools.com)
Sitepoint has some great books and tutorials (along with their sister site Learnable.) If you want to learn for free you can check out [URL=“http://www.codecademy.com/”]codeacademy, just make sure that you learn about the lang attribute and the importance of declaring a meta charset if you do.

Good luck.

This is just good sense. You’ll want to build a few web sites so people could check out your work and see what you are able to do. That’s your portfolio