Looking for advice on how to earn money on the side


I’m looking for some advice on ways I can utilize my various programming and marketing skills and experience to earn some extra spending money on the side.

I have 7+ years of experience in PPC marketing*and I have built many custom PHP applications to accomodate the unique ROI model my employer uses.

I don’t have any sort of degree or certifications. I’m just a huge computer nerd with a lot of extra time and an appetite for learning.

Can anyone recommend a project for me to work on? I don’t have a lot of cash so I’m looking for something with low startup costs. Something along the lines of building an eCommerce website and attracting customers through PPC and SEO.

List of skills/knowledge/experience:

  • PHP/MySQL (limited OOP knowledge)
  • Very limited knowlege of Javascript/AJAX
  • Graphic design
  • Microsoft Excel (power user)
  • PPC marketing (adCenter, AdWords, and Facebook)
  • SEO marketing

Thanks in advance for any tips. I hope I put this in the apppropriate forum.

You could freelance web develop…look on Sitepoint market or [url=elance.com]elance.com. There are multitudes of sites like this.

Other than that, maybe you could make a blog and get ad revenue?


Freelancing is best for your Skill set. And try making a group of IT Professional and then work with them. After some time when you feel your group is well rounded, professional and more technical then you can start your own freelancing or small IT firm. BEST of LUCK

Freelancing sounds like a good idea in your situation.

The blog suggestion is good, but we aware that SEO, Web Development, Internet marketing blogs are probably the most popular ones. It would be difficult to get it ranked high enough to get any meaningful advertising revenue.

Maybe a blog or blogs about another topic that you are excited about might be an option.