How to Jump to a specific page of a paragraph using anchor?

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this is my

On click of a Specified link I want to Jump to that page and simultaneously if I want to Jump from some other page to at some point on some other page to.

How do I acheive this?

Add anchor on target page:

<a name="my-anchor"></a>

and add it to link on the other page:

<a href="page.html#my-anchor">Link</a>

Take a look at your fiddle and see if my update stuck.

Thanks @megazoid

Its Working know

The name attribute is deprecated for this purpose. You should be using id=“my-anchor” instead of the name attribute.


Strictly speaking, you don’t need an anchor tag for this purpose; you can place an directly ID on your paragraph element.

<p id='my-anchor'>blah blah blah tele blah...</p>
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That approach is as obsolete as Netscape 4.

You should never put a name attribute on an <a> tag any more.

The target for an anchor link is any id in the page.

<p id="my-anchor"> or <div id="my-anchor"> or <span id="my-anchor">

As felgall already said, target an id on another page or just the fragment (#para) on the same page.
I updated your

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