How to link to something further down a page

I want to link to something further down one of my pages.
For example:
When you click on a link it jumps to a paragraph further down the page.

How would i do this?

<a href="#identifier">CLICK HERE...</a>
<a name="identifier">...TO JUMP HERE</a>


Brilliant! Cheers mate!

Actually, you’ll want to use the ID attribute instead of the NAME attribute.

Should be:

<a href="#identifier">CLICK HERE...</a>
<div id="identifier">...TO JUMP HERE</div>

It doesn’t have to be a div though, the id can be attached to any tag.

Good call to make that point, Dan. The old A NAME bit will work in current browsers, but it’s either been officially deprecated or unofficially sent to purgatory (don’t remember which and too lazy to look it up). A lot of HTML/design help sites tell visitors to use the old method. Keep striking a blow for current standards, dude! :cool: