Linking to a paragraph on another page

I have a link that takes the reader to another page, but then he or she will have to scroll down to get the topic. Is there a way to do a link so that it will open at that particular place on the page? On that particiular paragraph, etc…?

Use a bookmark

<a href="nextpage.html#[COLOR="Blue"]info[/COLOR]">info</a>


<h3 id="[COLOR="Blue"]info[/COLOR]">info</h3>
<p>bla bla ...</p>

Thanks, worked like a charm. Something new learned…appreciate it very much.

Technically the anchor identifier is called a ‘Fragment Identifier’ the piece after the ending hash ‘#’ in the URL, i.e. (#info) and not a “bookmark”. Obviously the ID value must be unique occurrence upon a page but the above example will work.

For an id to be valid it must be unique within the page regardless of whether it is being used as the destination of a link or not. The standards actually say that it has to be unique.

and not forgetting valid characters for an id: :wink:

@ xhtmlcoder, your description of ‘Fragment Identifier’ is correct, but the link is a bookmark
Adding the link type:

<a href="nextpage.html#info" rel="bookmark">info</a>

More often than not the value “bookmark” is considered to used within the LINK element for example: <link rel=“bookmark” href=“xyzzy.htm” title=“Something” /> rather than just an anchor.

So you see why I preferred to say fragment ID as there was no “bookmark” value in the original; it could have just as easily been “copyright” but we are wandering off-track little. :slight_smile: