How to influence Google SERP listing style?

Hi all,

I’ve noticed via searching for various terms in Google that on some pages Google displays a neat path to the given referenced page like below. In all other cases a usually ugly url is displayed.

Neat example:
[noparse][/noparse] › Computers & Consoles › Notebooks

Ugly example:

My question is simple and direct. Is there anything we can do SEO wise to influence how Google (and perhaps other SERP’s) appear? I would guess one needs to provide a category structure to Google somehow right? Would this be an META tag entry?

Thanks in advance,

Well, I was more referencing to the text that appears in Google SERP listings under the page url. It’s sometimes whatever appears in the meta description header tag of that page of just some randomly chosen text from that page’s body.

If Google thinks that the meta description is relevant to the surfer’s query, it will generally use that (usual caveats about recently added/altered text may not be indexed immediately). If the description doesn’t look relevant to the query, it will use either the DMOZ description (if you’re listed there) or an extract from the page contents.

Thanks for your comments guys. Just felt Google can be influenced but even if the meta description tag is relevant to the page and thus search phrase they still may decide to pick some random text from within the page.