How google will display website pages in SERP?

We have a website where we have both dynamic and static content in our pages so we want to know how googlebot will crawl our website and also how google will display our pages in SERP?
basically we are looking for title and Meta description to be displayed in SERP.

These two articles from Google should be useful:

You can’t guarantee that Google will use your title and description, but if you follow their guidelines, you’ll improve your chances.

Google works on three principles for displaying website pages in serp. These are:
If your website have to rank well in serp then it is very important to make sure that google can crawl and index your site correctly
You need to follow google guidelines for displaying titles and meta descriptions in SERP because google have a completely automated system placed for publishing page’s titles and descriptions on search engine result pages

Hi ,
For Dynamic page better you have to do manual configuration in webmaster tools.Otherwise SERP will be indexed wrongly.

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