How to increase my html website speed

my website speed to slow anyone give me suggestion what should be do…

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There are several tools available to help you identify and address issues which might be contributing to slow loading. I suggest you try one of these:


In addition to what TB says, Jump Start Web Performance is available over on SitePoint Premium which offers numerous strategies for diagnosing and fixing website speed issues.


Run Page Speed Insights and make sure your website is mobile friendly.

hello , i would like to know how to Be more quick Durring the mobile download for my website thank you for your help

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I’ve moved your post because, as you can see, your question has been asked and answered very recently. There’s no point in duplicating the discussion. smile

Is your website adapted for mobile?

Such work requires a thorough knowledge of web programming. Therefore, you need to either spend a lot of time to acquire this knowledge or hire a professional optimizer.

The OP hasn’t returned since posting so there seems little point in offering further advice.

Thanks to all who replied.

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