How to improve website speed?

I have a website. I want to improve it’s website speed. I checked this websites in many speed tool checker but they all are said remove http request. How to remove it?

I haven’t checked much but it looks as though you are loading 2 of you JS twice, and two of your images could be reduced. These will give you some help:

That sounds as if they are warning you you are loading too many different resources, creating too many calls to the server, which slows down loading.

If you have multiple style sheets, try to combine them. The same applies, where possible, to multiple scripts. Are there images which could be replaced by sprites? (Try

In addition to the above comments, you could also try some image optimisation.
You are using a number of photographs in PNG format. PNGs lossless compression can be quite inefficient for photo type images, it works better with lots of flat colour. But I understand you use png because you need the Alpha channel for transparency and jpeg does not have Alpha.
This has always been a problem with web photos and Alpha, but if you read this SP article, there is a free tool which can convert a png to an svg which uses jpeg-like lossy image compression and has a transparency mask.

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Have a look at

Here are my 2 cents.

  1. Use a very light weight CSS framework like Get skeleton if you’re using any framework. If using BS then only take the css of the grid. I didn’t saw your website so I am just saying these things in general.

  2. Combine multiple CSS file in to one. Comment them nicely for easy readibility in future.

  3. Don’t use JS libraries (3rd parties) untill extremely necessary… say for fancy stuffs.

  4. Optimize images. Use

  5. Correct HTML.

  6. Use of SVG icons instead of font icons like font awesome also helps in reducing speed.

I think it will be informative for you to read the information shared in this article! Read it and you will find 6 useful tips which can help you to learn how to improve your website speed.

I can see you are using wordpress, do this:

  1. update your plugins
  2. update your wordpress
  3. Go to your cpanel or any other panel desk and enable php 5.6 or php 7 (if it does let you and all is stable)
  4. install one of the caching plugins: W3 Total Cache(free) WP Super Cache(free), WPRocket(pay)

After doing those 4 points, I bet it will be fast. But if you want to have it fast for all the people around the world, then go and configure it with your website, so it will be fast for every visitor around the world. (It will cache and load faster from servers that are nearby your vistor (IP load balancer)

This is very useful, we sometimes have the same issue!

Thank you!

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