How to improve the review quality?

Our website is a very popular e-commerce website. But the problem is none of the reviews has good quality. People just rate the product but don’t want to write anything.
I have seen Google has updated their algorithm and they care review so much now. So could you give me any idea how to improve the review quality?

Are you asking if there’s some secret hypnotism trick to making people type words into a review instead of just clicking a star rating and leaving the text field blank?

No, there isn’t.

You can encourage people to fill out the text field, but most people who are encouraged to review something are going to do the bare minimum required/expected of them. That’s human nature. But you already know about human nature, because the first line of your post shows off that idea; you believe that by sticking a link in the first few words of the post, that you’ll get clicks into your website’s random product page.

#1; Sitepoint is all nofollow, so no juice for you.
#2; It makes your post look like spam, so already my evaluation of your website is poor, even without clicking the link, which i won’t be doing, because the link is unrelated to your question. You’re trying to link-stuff your text.
#3; at least your URL’s are blatant enough that i can look at the URL without clicking and know its a waste of my time and click.

Wait! I know Sitepoint already set the external links nofollow. So I don’t think I provided the link here for a backlink or to sell the product. If the admin thinks it’s spam then anytime delete my account also as you also said no juice. And I also don’t need juice. We have enough.
My intention is just to get some good advice or recommendation to improve our review system. If you look carefully our any product then you will see in the review section has no text but have the review.
I hope you understand.

Yeah, the point is that it makes for a trend. When you’re doing scum tactics like link-spamming for no reason, it doesnt bode well for the rest of your efforts.

You can’t force people to effuse about your products without adversely changing the number of reviews you receive. Perhaps that’s desired. If so, perhaps put a minimum required number of words in the textbox before someone can submit a review. That will encourage people to… write exactly that many words and no more than that. It will also discourage people who can’t be bothered to write a review from actually putting in any form of review at all.

5 word minimum review? 10,000 variations on “This product was good product.” (go look at any blog article on any of the spam sites and see how many of the comments are “Thanks, really good article. Very informative”), and only 1/10th of the number of reviews. Is that helpful to you? That’s for you to determine.

As the link didn’t add anything to the conversation I’ve removed it from your post. Please note that this is nothing personal meant at you. It’s just that there appears to be a new thing going on where spammers disguise their link drop in a seemingly genuine question, but it’s just pure spam. That makes it harder to filter out the posts that really are genuine but use the same structure. Hope you understand.

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As for you actual question, maybe try and give people some incentive to write a review? Like, pick someone every month and give them a coupon or some free sample or a discount or what have you.


Exactly what I was writing while @rpkamp was posting :slight_smile:

Google has created his different reviewer status like „Lokal Guide“ etc which you earn if you write a number of reviews with fotos etc. it’s a complex system but it works. Of course this would only work for google, because no one cares to get a title from your website, but being someone „special“ on google is everyone dreams of….

You can do it like @rpkamp said. Offer some giveaways for good reviews.

That makes sense. We provide our customers with some points to review also. But I am afraid if we set the comment box with minimum words then it may negative impact. However, I will discuss it with my boss also.
And how many words should write in a review?

That’s a good idea. We already provide points which equal to some dollars. And most customers review our products but as I said they don’t want to write something good. But another thing I found they write good reviews with some text on our third-party review website. But I think Google care about onsite review more than the third party.

Very subjective question. What do you consider a “quality” review? If the thing you sell is easily described, perhaps a good review is short. If it’s not, perhaps its longer.

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Yes. That’s what we are looking for in quality reviews. We have reviewed but as I said not of good quality. However, I got your point. Thank you so much

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