Website Review

I finally finished my portfolio! Yay!

So, I go online to see if I can get people to look at it.

I search ‘Web site review’ and find sitepoint. Looks great. Wow. Just what I have been looking for. So I sign up and do my diligence reading the forum rules and introducing myself. I wrote my 3 reviews with the proper spirit. But alas, My site is not to be reviewed. The reason? Not enough words in my reviews. 150 is the bare minimum. This is a small article. I simply couldn’t find enough words with out deliberately embellishing my text to not only write about what I saw but also provide reading entertainment. I could write 150 words about a single icon if you wanted but I doubt you would find very much value in it. Is this the kind of writing that is being requested? It also says in the guidelines that we are to write the kind of review that we would like to have written on ours. I do not want people writing a lot of useless text when they review my site. Especially if they are doing it due to strong arming. Ewww.

Am I getting the right impression?

I need to know if I can get my site reviewed here. If not, the encounter has been a waist of time and everybody looses. How many others have fallen by the wayside as a result of the 150 word rule.

It could be that the site administrators are endeavoring to ‘cull the population’ of the site thinking there are just too many visitors. Im sure the 150 word rule will serve to discourage many who are new to the site. I went to one ‘site review’ forum where they wanted me to write 20 reviews before I could get mine. Needless to say I walked away without writing a single word. Whatever benefit they hoped to gain by the 20 review rule was lost with my departure. I have enjoyed my brief stay here at sitepoint and would love to be a regular here as there are so many great experts and good information. I could become an appreciated contributor myself over time.

May I please have my site reviewed?