How to improve keyword rankings?

I am not happy with the Keyword-Rankings of my website. What can I make better to get better positions. Thanks.

First you need to share more information. How old is the site? Where do you rank now? High/low competition keywords? etc’

Create do follow backlinks with the anchor text of keyword on which you want to be ranked :slight_smile:

such as If I want to ranked on “Junaid” keyword then I will create high authority do follow backlinks on this anchor to get ranked on this.

Hi dear, I need help you Hot to get do follow with high DA links to get quick ranks. I am also facing this problem because of my most of keyword low competitive.

Quite difficult to comment but let’s see.

What are the strategy/ies are you using for now?
How long have you been optimizing these?
How competitive is your keywords?
Do target national/local?
Have you did some on site optimization in your website?
Does your onsite element contains your target keywords?

Sorry too many questions. But I guess we are all willing to help if you provide us more details.

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Short answer - you can’t.

Links which you place yourself are regarded as all-but-worthless by search engines. If the site where you place them is reputable, they will follow Google’s guidelines and mark all user-submitted links as nofollow (as this site does). If the site is not reputable, then you run the risk of Google regarding it as a link farm and penalising your site accordingly. Please read Google’s guidelines on link schemes for more information.

DA is a metric created and used by Moz to indicate how well they think a site may perform in search results, and has no influence on search engine algorithms. A site with a high DA is likely to be a reputable site which follows Google’s guidelines.

Do you want to help me or want my help I’m confused your words are not clear?

Improving your keyword rankings of your website is not a one time process. You need to research & implement best quality SEO strategy for gaining higher search rankings.

Review on-page SEO :
a) Page Titles
b) Page Descriptions
c) Header Tags

Build Backlinks By Commenting, Guest Posting

Social media platform shares to improve keywords ranking

Focus on long tail keywords

Get backlinks with different, unique anchor texts & different keywords

Clearly you missed the link I posted above to Google’s guidelines on link schemes. Creating low-quality links yourself is a technique which ceased to be effective some years ago and is now more likely to get your site penalised for participating in link schemes. At best, you will be wasting your time, as search engines no longer give any weight to links which were not “editorially vouched-for”.

Most reputable social media sites follow Google’s guidelines and mark user-submitted links as nofollow, so they will have no effect on SEO.

Hi Herbert, If you want to get better keywords ranking in Google search engine, you need to have your presence on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Because getting more number of social shares will surely improve keywords ranking.

Sorry, @carriestone85, but you are incorrect. As I said in the post immediately above yours:

SEO does not consistently work the method we went it. it is ordinary for google to rank a page for keyword other than the ones for which we would like the particular page to rank.

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