How to implement a loan application form to a website?

Hey Guys,

I have a client that would like to have a car loan application form on his website and I have searched the web for examples and didn’t find any. I kinda have an idea on how to go about doing this but I’m not sure if it is the best or secure method. This is what I have in mind, store the customer data into MySQL database and have a separate page to display them where client could go and print the application out. Or I could create a pdf file with customer’s data and attached to the notification email.

I was just wondering if someone in here could give me some advices, suggestions, or directions on how to go about implementing this.

I consider myself an intermediate PHP programmer and have some experiences in MySQL.

Thank you in advance!

Intermediate PHP programmer? Thats an interesting definition, I consider myself one too but the concept may differ from person to person. I wonder though, how much PHP do you know of. Are you familiar with OOP, Design Patterns, MVC and Enterprise Architecture Design, or just basic syntax like conditionals/loops, array/string, and functions?

I would advise you to hold off on such an ambitious and highly risky project until you have indeed learned the essentials of security and sql injection and read up on the storing of sensitive data. If you only “kinda have an idea” on doing this, I would bet everything that you don’t have the necessary skills/knowledge to take on this kind of project. Think about the risks of hackers getting at the data you are going to store, the risks of an online application soliciting things like SSNs and birthdates and such. Even your idea of attaching a pdf to an email to notify someone is fraught with problems.

You asked for it and this is my advice and suggestion.

Hall of Famer,
I should have give it a second thought when I described myself as “intermediate” but I do know the basic syntax and familiar with OOP.

Thanks for your advice and suggestion.

Obviously I need to do lots of reading on working with sensitive data and this is why posted it here. Hoping someone could point me to the right direction and resources.

I would be afraid of security. They do have site’s out there that will charge a monthly fee and handle it all “securely” Might be the way you want to go for now…

It looks like that’s the route I’m going to take. Thanks for the response!