Create form for a company using php and mysql

Assume that you are a web developer for a private company.
1.You are required to create a form that consist of at least
5 inputs The information from the form must be save din the database.
2.The information can be displayed and updated by using a php page.

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This sounds like a homework task. Do you have a question about it?

i already give the question

Are you asking for somebody here to do the work for you? If so, you’re unlikely to find any volunteers. Or are you just asking for general advice about how to approach the task?

there are three sentences. non of them is a question. non of them even has a questionmark at the end. so what do you expect anybody to answer after he has “assumed” to be in this situation? (<— hint: this is a sytactically valid question)

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Well, assuming I wanted to retain my position and be in good graces I would:

  • create a form that met the requirements
  • write a file that processed the input and queried the database to INSERT
    (would need clarification of specs to complete task)
  • write a file that queried the database to SELECT
    values and output to HTML, most likely from within a form so that values could be edited
  • write a file that processed the edited values and queried the database to UPDATE
  • write unit tests that passed
  • submit the work for code review and approval of the UI

NOTE - the most important thing to do here would be to get fully fleshed out specifications before starting any work


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