How do i go about creating something like this

Hi everyone

Im looking for some info on how i can set up a page on my site where you can write down your food menu and print it right after, so basically people can choose a template ive created, start typing on it and when they are done print it straight from my site.

Would i need to try and create some kind of script? im totally stumped, any help would be great


Well I don’t have hte perfect picture in my head but you’d just need an HTML form and then PHP (and Javascript if you wish)

Are you planning on having like a <textarea> to hold the recipe information? If so, just take that (what they enter in) and save it as a $_POST variable in PHP. Fom there you can just go to another page and echo that information wherever on that page. From there you can use JS to allow the user to print (although they can just opt to print from their browser menu).

If you were thinking of more textboxes and what not for each ingredient (whatever you want) the concept is still the same. Save the information as a $_POST varaible and echo it out on another page for print :).

You can even modify a billing invoice script to make something like this. Most billing scripts let you entire data then it inserts the data into a template and from there it makes a PDF that you can print out.

ah excellent thanks guys ill go see if i can find a script online and get it up and running