Changing wordpress admin log-in screen/dashboard

My uncle runs a simple website (built by a designer) that is based off of a CMS system that I am assuming is wordpress because of how similar the site looks to the twenty-ten theme, but I am not 100% sure. The reason is that when he goes to the admin log-in screen it looks nothing like the wordpress admin log-ing, in fact looks completely basic and has no branding whatsoever. and when he goes into the dashboard he has VERY little control over the site (all he can do is add/remove pages, edit simple text and add images to the main content area of the site) and the dashboard shows nothing that would resemble wordpress (no branding no usual options) and has nothing that would implicate any other CMS either. Now I know it is entirely possible to program your own CMS system for your clients but with the number and availability of open-source and free CMS’ available I cannot concieve why one would do this, UNLESS they want no branding or anything that would imply that the site was made using any 3rd party software not developed by the designer/developer. Just so you guys have an idea, the site is Any input or opinions would be greatly appreciated

That doesn’t look like WordPress, judging by the source code. I strongly presume it’s something else.

Based on what ive described about the simplicity of the administrative login/dashboard any ideas as to what other cms this could be?

I really can’t tell. :frowning: There’s no indication whatsoever in the source code. What I can say, however, is that whether this is a third-party CMS or a custom one, the HTML output is archaic at best, so if this were to be CMS generated code, then it looks like one that was created a decade ago.

Ya its a table based layout :0 that is very simple to say the least, but I guess trying to figure out exactly what the CMS is somewhat arbitrary. My next question would be is there a CMS out there that has no branding in the login/dashboard pages that can be customized to give limited options to certain admins? Sorry if thats a real noob question but I’ve pretty much only played with wordpress/joomla/drupal

There are plenty CMSes you could try. You can also customize the WordPress administration panel, by the way. :slight_smile:

There are others, MODx, ExpressionEngine (my favorite) are two that you could try, though the latter is a commercial application.

Nice il definitely check out some of the other CMS’ available, EE being one that ive been curious about for a while… Do you know how much customization can be done to the wordpress admin panel?

You can do plenty of customization. If you prefer, you can also take advantage of the plethora of plugins available to do just that. See this one. There are [URL=“”]many more plugins that facilitate the altering of the admin panel. :slight_smile:

very helpful thank you !