How to get traffic from social bookmarking?


How do get traffic from social bookmarking sites, means I am posting from last 2 months with good content but there are no likes, no shares, no people engagement and nothing.

Social Bookmarking
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Do-Follow and High DA Social Bookmarking sites Unique and Fresh Content Post for Link Building Activity. It's Good for Increase traffic and Customer Engagement.



Just concentrate on content you are posting, make it two way people can engage from their own make it like question type or something crazy. Don't do marketing of your content after posting it on social bookmarking sites share this link to social media channels to enlarge the reach count. You may also like,share and comment on other members content.
When posting content, keep in mind the quality of site and the choosen category for posting.


Use Best Keyword and Long content, Content should be social and effective.


right keywords, SEO, building links on social forums & engaging regularly can lead to an increased traffic in your site


Use long tail keywords with unique contents and submit in high pr social bookmarking sites.


PR is calculated per page, not per site. A site may have a high PR home page, but much lower PR inner pages where you link would appear. As Google has not released public updates on PR for some considerable time now, it's no longer possible to know with any degree of accuracy what the PR of a page is.


Write quality content


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