How to get rid of horizontal scrollbar?

I have a webpage and have a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the webpage, how do I get rid of it so I don’t have any horizontal scrollbar? Our webpages is at:


In the copyright section near the bottom of the page, the application of “class12” to the innermost div is causing the scrollbar. Delete it.

<section id="copyright">
    <div class="container">
        <div class="row">
            <div id="content-over5" class="span12">
                <ul class="inline-left">

OK that got rid of it but how do I get the copyright text at the bottom of the page to stay over like it did when I had span12?


What did it look like before? Nothing looks out of place right now.

Everything looks out of place when I view the page - the columns are too narrow and the text overflows under the column next to it where it can’t be seen.

Not for me.

I’ve given him fixes in other threads for…like teh bullets on the columns…he has yet to listen to me though. But nothing terrible

The problem once again is the same in that you are abusing the bootstrap classes.:slight_smile:

.span12 is set by bootstrap to be 1170px to match .container which bootstrap also sets to 1170px wide. These are bootstrap grid classes which should not be modified directly but you have changed .container to be 876px wide and therefore the span classes will no longer fit inside .container as they should.

Modifying the grid is not an easy process as you would then need to modify all the grids and media queries to match. If you are good at less/sass then you can change the defaults to suit your design but that assumes a good level of proficiency. Bootstrap 2 used to have a customiser tool to allow this but as bootstrap2 is no longer supported the tool has been removed.

The bottom line is that if you are using a framework and new to it then stick to the defaults. If you want a simpler custom layout then create your own without the framework.

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