Horizontal Scrollbar Issue


In this website, there is spacing in the right-hand side of the page. And a horizontal scrollbar is appearing.

How do I remove this? And make the page a proper fit?

Also how do I ensure the badge always sits in the top right corner?


Badge issue-instead of using a huge left value (890px) just set right:0; (remove left:890px from .badge)…Also, it will need a containing block so set position:relative on #header :slight_smile:

Scrollbar, #tabsB has a 110% width and as a result when the window is reduced it will stick out and force a scrolllbar, you can give #wrapper overflow:hidden; to avoid this :slight_smile:

Excellent!! Thanks Ryan. I thought the overflow:hidden would hide the menu. What does this actually do?

Thanks again.

Contains floats :). But in this case it’s a quick and easy fix to hide the access from the menu without doing some other changes to the page :slight_smile: