The Scrollbar haunts me! help!

Greetings once again, o mighty sitepoint overlords. I come in search of assistance…again. Someday I will actually contribute an expert CSS answer, but don’t hold your breath.

My client asked for a splash page on their site while the real wordpress was still being developed. This is my first client that incorporates any use of extensive java. I have built this site: OF THE VALLEY :: presented by danielle duval

yet, much to my chagrin there is a horizontal scrollbar on the bottom of the screen. I have examined the CSS, and nothing really jumps out as to what the problem could be. Help! No one likes unnecessary scrolling!

thanks in advance,


The problem is <div id=“social”> which has a width of 960px and a margin-left of 631px, which makes it 1921px wide.
Drop the width from #social in your CSS and everything should we fine again :slight_smile:




AAAARGH!!! Though do you mean Java or JavaSCRIPT? (two completely unrelated languages unfortunately sharing the same surname)

Try adding “overflow:hidden” to #pageWidth.

Not related to your issue - but you may also want to axe the outdated elements that have no place in HTML after 1998 like “bgColor”… though you’re using iframes, IE conditionals and a half dozen other things that have no place on a website built in the past decade… so…

Though it says it right up top – transitional; in transition from 1997 to 1998 instead of being post 1998.

first off, thanks for the speedy reply and answer, Scallio!

@deathshadow - javaSCRIPT, to clarify. Specifically the jPlayer monster. And yes, I noticed the bgcolor and will incorporate it into the CSS. In terms of iframe, the client asked for a youtube embed, and that was the code that youtube spewed out.

The Wordpress site is far more complex, and I’m hoping 100% ironclad, as I had the assistance of a talented, expensive coder (I’m a digital/vfx painter by day).