How to get own shorten URL for my site?

I just need to get own shorten URL for my blog, Can anyone help me regarding this? and please suggest the best companies for that :slight_smile:


can u please be a little more specific about your need?

what i understand is you need to integrate the blog feature in your website and don’t want to use blog spot services ??

You could be looking at one of two things from how I read your post.

1: You want a short style URL, either for your actual site, or to link to posts in your site. Take a look at services like or [URL=“”]tinyurl for that sort of thing, or plugins for your blog that make use of them.
2: Yor are simply looking for your own domain name. For this you are best off asking fellow developers in India who they use, I can recommend US and UK based services, and you could use them, but there may be better local alternatives, particularly with regard to your tld. is another option for you.

You can also use if link shortening is what you’re reffering to.

In addition to the third-party services already mentioned (, tinyurl, and, there is also snipURL, which I have found to be pretty good.
I have tried, but I don’t like the fact it doesn’t allow users to name the slug. Instead of being able to give the shortened URL a meaningful, intuitive, name, Google assigns it random characters.

Actually, Danny Sullivan posted an informative article on Search Engine Land earlier this year regarding URL Shorteners:

URL Shorteners: Which Shortening Service Should You Use?

In addition to the several services he compared in the article, at the bottom of the article he also provides several links to other articles about URL Shorteners.

On the other hand, . . .

If you have a WordPress blog, you should have access to the shortening service. This was announced for Wordpress-hosted blogs earlier:

and the service was also supposed to be available for self-hosted Wordpress blogs via the stats plug-in.

Alternately (also for Wordpress blogs), there is the Pretty Link plug-in.
This allows users to create shortened links–based on your own domain–of the form yourblogURL/blog/slug, where the slug is an alias you make up.
This URL is still quite long, so Pretty Link Pro allows the ability to eliminate the “blog” term in the URL.
Beyond that, I don’t know of many options for creating shortened URLs based on your domain. Perhaps you’d have to hire a professional programmer to develop such a service for you.

However, depending on your domain name, the shortened URL might actually not be that short; you might still be better off using one of the other services. After all, there are not many domains shorter than, are there?

Many sites have short urls based on their own domain name. Here are two links that seem relevant to that:

use to shorten your domain.

you can use tinyurl,, and for you to shorten your url.

I actually thought of a third option you may be referring to, when I first read this. My first thought was that you wanted some kind of url shortening script to make your site with. But I may be wrong…

If you could be more helpful and post some more information, we’d be able to help you more accurately :slight_smile: is good.

Type URL shortener in google I like the google one personally