Api for Shorturl

API - should be used for interaction between two apps. Not right? :frowning:

So, please tell me what api should do for url shortening web app and how it can be done.

Friends please provide me your idea. Thanks…

try this: Create Bit.ly Short URLs Using PHP: API Version 3

Overview - Google URL Shortener API - Google Code

I’d also recommend Google URL Shortener API, documented here:

Overview - Google URL Shortener API - Google Code

The API is very much in experimental stages but I am sure with time it will grow mature. Plus the the API gives you programmatic access to URL’s analytics like how many people clicked your short url, from which country, using what browser etc etc.

Thanks for providing the details and I want to know about what and how to make an api for such as service. any tutorial for that?

Do you mean “how do I make my own url shortening service with an API for others to use?”

Yes. I have done it. But I dnt know much about API and its structure. So asking what it needs to do and how it can be achieved.

In that case your question might be about [google]good api design[/google].