I am looking for a URL shortening script

Hi,i would like to setup a url shortening site i have a domain that i can use and a dedicated server but the thing that i am still having trouble is a script that can be used for this project it has to be one that we can do a custom job although not to over the top but just to be able to make it look unique.

I think the option of having one made for me is a none starter due to the high expense but if someone has made one for them selves and is selling a copy that the prefered route as long as i have a little support just incase anything goes major wrong with it.

So does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this one this one please and if you have any sites up and running showing the script in action that would be a massive help.

Many thanks

Here are some ideas about how bit.ly might earn money: http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2009/07/twitter-url-service-bitly-says-no-to-ads-yes-to-data-mining-news/ NN

@NameNick our [B]URL shortening site[/B] was been transfered over to a new faster server hence to small down time,many thanks for your link to the other templates that has been a great help.Thanks

It seems, the site is back again. Additional templates for the script can be found here: http://www.gentlesource.com/templates/short-url/grey-blue-orange NN

@NameNick we installed the url shortening script that you suggested on our site Twurlit.com this has the standard template that comes with it,do you have other templates that one can use as well ???The site is all up and running but i am looking at altering the looks of it.Thanks

I see nothing on twurlit.com, I’m afraid. NN

I think ZXC9, free URL shortening service could solve your problem. They have API key for URL shortening and redirection service. Hope it will be useful for you.

This URL shortening script comes with HTML templates. Should be fairly easy to customize. NN

Many thanks for your reply i took a look and i have to say it does tick alot of the boxes of what i am looking for,the domain that i am thinking of using is [B]Twurlit.com[/B] albeit its not a short domain as such it seems to roll of the tongue very well.

I have never really gone into getting a script designed for me specifically for the site as i have always thought that the price would be massive as i dont have any idea how much anyone would charge.

I have seen 2 scripts that are ticking all my requirements at present but if anyone else has any thoughts or suggestions it would be most welcome,i have the domain,artwork and the dedicated server all ready waiting its just this script that is causing the holdup.

Many thanks

Does anyone have any suggestions please on what script that i could use,although one has been mentioned i would also like to have a look at maybe a few more before i choose.


I think bit.ly would solve your problem

If you’re looking for a private (rather than public) URL shortening webapp, check the demo for the app in my signature.

I wrote an article on my site about how I built my own URL shortening script.

It’s quite basic, and was easy to build, so it’s probably not going to suit all of your requirements, but it might give you an idea of the what’s involved.


Hi RickUK, You wrote:

Many thanks for your reply i took a look and i have to say it does tick alot of the boxes of what i am looking for
Which boxes does it not tick? What features you are looking for are missing? NN

Can anyone answer me this question its related to urlshortening sites but how does the No1 site www.bit.ly make money everyone on Twitter uses it but it has no adverts or anything on the site to earn revenue,as far as i can see its supported by external investors ie Venture Capital startup funds but i would have thought that they would have put some form of adverts on the site to earn some form of revnue.

Am i missing the point with this one as i thought the whole point of starting any site up was to make revenue.


@NameNick i have finally chosen the script that you suggested i have to admit it was down to 2 scripts but yours is the one that we are going to use after very close scrutiny.