How to get leads through linkedin?

And the best way to get recommendations is to ask for them! :slight_smile:

Based on my experience, it’s easier to to get leads in LinkedIn through connection and groups. But just by merely browsing LinkedIn, you can do your own keyword or tag research there and LinkedIn will provide you profiles with similar interest. It’s also better if you have mutual connections to get better reputation and friend invitation acceptance.

Agreed. Groups are the way to go. Get in there and BE HELPFUL. Make connections, engage, and help people. They might not become clients on first contact (and they most likely won’t) but they might after you build that relationship by being helpful and having a good reputation.

LinkedIn has always seemed like more of a place to hunt for a new gig than anything else. And since I haven’t been in the job market for a while, I’ve paid it little mind.

As mentioned, GROUPS, join in, offer advice and opinions without being salesy and people will be more receptive. another good one I have seen is to get recommendations and link those to your website. They are much more credible than anonymous testamonials.

Yes, as annonymous testimonials can be written by anyone (even yourself) alot of linked in user are wise to this and look for testimonials from other members before they will even interact with a user. Very good advice IT Relocations, Be genuine and friendly and you are sure to make alot of connections! I hope you find this helpful.

Develop your profile, add all the important info about your company and professional experience. Enter related groups, post your own content, advertise and increase your network, use LinkedIn Answers etc. Some more tips are listed here


I have used LinkedIn indirectly to get leads, and gotten some traffic. Here are a little of my experiences:

  1. LinkedIn has changed more to become a version of Facebook. They used to be very protective of adding contacts, however that has changed. You can add yourself to groups in your niche and add other people. Good way to get free links and contacts.

  2. Whenever you come across a site or an article that you find interesting post it on LinkedIn and tick the box for Tweeting it. That way you come across as an expert in that when you are being endorsed by them. I now have over 50 endorsements on my LinkedIn profile, mostly from people that only could have known about my skills in those areas by reading the articles I posted.

  3. Share experiences you have with groups. We had 25% social media sharing during the launch of a landing page. After I shared that in a group, I was suddenly endorsed as an expert by those that read my breakdown of how we did it.

  4. Don’t take it too serious. Social media traffic is not high converting traffic. It is at best a dibble at someone that might be interested sometime down the line. So if you want to drive traffic from LinkedIn or other social media don’t make the prospects land on a “buy now” landing page. They are not in the mindset for it. Instead give them something free, and think of creating a funnel that would suit a linkedin lead.

To me LinkedIn is not a lead generator as much as a buss creator, and a way to APPEAR you know what you are talking about. Living in the age of Kim Kardashian, looks trumps talent. Sadly.

you could join network connection in your relevant keyword cad drafting and other 2 - 3 keywords.

You also use facebook and twitter because now a days facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, all are useful for marketing because

most of all the peaple on worlds are on social networking site…

As you have got lots of user suggestion like by joining the group you can get the more leads… linkedin is the most important sites of social media from where we can get the lots of lead every day…

lately linkedin has been sending a lot of traffic to sites that use it as a social site. I have tried it and i get about 6% of my traffic from them now. It is worth it… just have to be specific about your posts/sharing and provide value to the people that will be reading it. Because Linkedin has a lot of ‘work profile’ junkies, you need to have your A-game on when sharing posts or posting anything, meaning make sure it has a catch title that is grammatically correct and spelled correct. Also, make sure your content has a lot of facts to back it up and it will help spread the link on Linkedin. Just my opinion… but it has worked for me lately.

One way is to place paid adds on LinkedIn (you can see on the right side of LinkedIn pages). The other way is to join the relevant groups and keep posting in the discussion forums.

I usually just browse over companies (depending on the niche I want) and then look over the websites. I browse those websites and collect contact information like emails, and phone and fax numbers. It’s more of a direct approach to get to your probable clients.

You better to start a sharing discussion and interact with people cite your point link it to your website.
Linkedin is a career portal where you can meet possible employee or employer but you can find possible customer of you know how to do it