How to get Contracts to remote client

In the middle of researching how to come up with a Contract ( where to get templates, etc…) , I realized that some or most of my future clients will be far to drive to, to get them to sign it in the first place.

Do you create one of those interactive PDF’s where they they simply type their name and agree that it’s a signature, and then email it back ?

Or drop it in the snail-mail ?

Just wondering.

Why not just have them fax it?

fax it, or print, sign,scan and email it back.

Or just mail it to them and get them to mail it back signed?

Of course this depends on your jurisdiction!

The circumstances behind the signing of a contract likely touches upon the “Mailbox Rule” which explains with more certainty when an acceptance/signing becomes valid and binding.

I presume that you can utilize a variety of ways to get the point across, so long as both the offer and acceptance follow the mirror-image rule of contracts.

Interesting stuff!

What’s the ‘mailbox rule’?

Codersteve, sorry for the late response but yes it is possible, check this site out:

It’s a very good service, I recently encountered it myself with a collaboration I worked on :slight_smile:

Thanks all, didn’t expect all the responses. I think my strategy will be to base it on the equipment the client has… if they have a fax, do that first, otherwise, maybe check out things like echosign mentioned.


The ‘mailbox’ rule, depending on the legal jurisdiction, outlines when an acceptance or rejection creates a binding contract.

Therefore, an acceptance might take affect when the acceptance of a contract is posted at the mail office and NOT when the person offering the contract receives it. This might have subtle implications depending on how time sensitive the dealings are.

As the OP said, the signer will likely be too far to sign in person, therefore the mailbox rule might have to come into force.

I am talking about general principles here, it may or may not be important. Just sharing some information.

Sorry I was not more explanatory.

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